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What people learn from life

Some people leave a lasting impression because they seem to know more about life then we do. When Peter Wagner met such a person-a landlady who had recently lost her son yet nevertheless managed to exude warmth and cordiality-he couldn't get the question out of his mind: What ...

Understanding Children

Everything you need to know about pacifier throwers, veggie holdouts, and mattress jumpers

Understanding children made easy

Why do children always eat the same things? Why do they always dawdle?
Why are boys eventually arrayed against the girls? Why do toddlers throw everything?
Why do children pick their noses all the time?

Our little fellow ...

Is This Supposed to Be Love?

How to Effectively Escape a Narcissistic Relationship

After spending twenty years in a marriage in which she primarily just "functioned," Sonja R. falls head over heels in love. As emotionally starved as she is, Frank gives her everything she has been missing for years. However, Sonja has found herself in the arms of a narcissist, a man who wants ...

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Seize the Freedom to be Yourself

This is how women can reach their true potential

In order for us to feel successful and happy in our lives, it is critical for us to develop our talents, recognize our individual beauty, and know what we really want.
Women, even now, tend to conform to others' needs, putting their own desires on the back burner. What exactly is ...

The Power of Esteem

Meeting yourself and others positively

The scarcity of appreciation Recognition, esteem, gratitude. These signals of social acceptance fulfill some of humanity's basic needs. We want to be seen for who we are and long for recognition for what we have done and achieved. However, if you take a look around your own private ...

A Lifetime of Love?

What keeps couples together

How to make relationships work: in a long-term study involving over 600 couples the psychologists Eva Wunderer and Klaus A. Schneewind examined the factors required to make a relationship work in the long term. The result was a »marital recipe« containing many ingredients: trust and ...

Hyperactivity and Concentration Disorders

Do you have a fidgety child? One who cannot concentrate on one activity for an extended period of time, one who reacts in a flighty way and can never sit still?

Hyperactivity and concentration disorders seem to have become a common illness among children these days. Parents do not know ...
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