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A Place Called Home

"You should experience your happiness twice!"

On Maya Winter's 30th birthday, a strange man bursts into the family party and greets Maya's grandmother Charlotte with the words: "Hello, Lottie! It's me, Muck." The 90-year-old lady faints. Who is this man about whom ...

Volume: 3

The Song of the Wolves

A stormy, gray time for love

The young German wolf researcher Kaya has been hired by Scottish millionaire Alistair MacKinley to help establish wild wolves on his properties. At the lonely manor in the Highlands, she meets tight-lipped Nevis, Alistair's handsome son, whose ...

Wherever the Road Leads

Four people, five fates and an adventurous trip in a camper ...

Former coffee producer Jakob (72) sets off on a trip to smuggle one million Euros of illegal money into Switzerland on behalf of his son. Jakob is accompanied by his friend Thomas (40), a detective and the owner of a ...

Wild Years

"I wish I had been a good mother to you."

"She would love to tell her mother that she now has a daughter. Paula suddenly feels a flash of longing for her mother although she hasn't missed her all these years."
In the waning years of the 1960s, young Paula - chomping at the bit ...

Volume: 2

Love is Green

Love after the happy ending

Elisabeth is in her mid-forties, and she volunteers at the hospital as a so-called Green Lady. This is how she comes to meet old Mr. Green who sits with her by his wife's deathbed and regales her with stories about their great love for each other. ...

It’s Snowing Over There

The magic of a Christmas evening

The residents of an old apartment building are looking forward to the approaching Christmas season with something less than enthusiasm. On every floor, in every apartment, chaos, conflict or loneliness rule the day. Five-yearold Jules is the only ...

Epilogue, with Ducks

The story of a passionate but impossible love

"Berlin, 1976: one of the hottest summers on record. I was eighteen, an exchange student from West Germany; you were a twenty-five-year-old small-time dealer. It started just like they all do, those kinds of affairs-obsessive, insane, ...

Dr. Immerwahr


"You poor old high society ladies. As superfluous as fleas on a dog!"

In April 1901, at the tender age of 30, Dr. Clara Immerwahr has reached the zenith of her academic career: she is working as an unpaid laboratory assistant in Breslau. What use all her knowledge, skill, ...

The Doll’s House

A novel littered with murders

What is a woman to do if the first thing that springs to her husband's mind when sex is mentioned is the mating habits of exotic animals? Doris Bering, a vet's wife, who is childless and chronically frustrated, seeks refuge in their attic and whiles away her time working ...