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See Venice and Steal

Venice is in the throes of the biennale and awash with tourists. Harry Oldenburg throws himself into the fray. He and his girlfriend Zoe are planning to relieve the Guggenheim Museum of two valuable exhibits. But in the sizzling summer heat, the well-hatched plan goes pear-shaped: Harry finds ...

Volume: 2

78° Deadly Latitude

A Spitsbergen mystery

The polar night brings death

In Spitsbergen's frigid polar night, a retired chief inspector and a curious young dog sled driver stumble across an international crime - and get much too close to a polar bear.
Shortly after Christmas, the newly retired, Norwegian ...

Volume: 1

Fried Fish for the Godfather

Fredenbüll is in an uproar. Turbines are being installed across the dyke foreland, and the environmentalists have come running. Even Grandma Ahlbeck supports the hastily established initiative, "Do(n't) be a Frog," as it seeks to protect the endangered fire-bellied toad. One morning, a body is ...

Volume: 6

The White Halibut

An Island Mystery

Watch out, biting fish!

It's a picture-perfect summer on Amrum. Half of Fredenbüll and the entire "Hidde Kist" are vacationing here. On the bustling beach, a wave suddenly washes up a woman's severed foot onto little Finn's shovel. Everyone stares at the water, transfixed, as a ...

Volume: 9

Fickle Teens and Fish in Batter

Problematic pirates, perspicacious parrots, terrible teens and a chilled corpse....

Thies Detlefsen's twin daughters Telje and Tadje take the boat to Amrum for the annual autumn school trip, chaperoned by their class teacher Dr Niggermeier and "super-cute" student ...

Volume: 5

The Crustacean Graveyard

A fall sturm sweeps through Fredenbüll, bringing nothing good to the North Frisian coastal village. Horse rider Hauke Schröder discovers Aunt Telse dead in his Ford Mustang, a series of burglaries unsettles the villagers, and strange things are happening on Westeroog, the nearby Hallig island. A ...
Volume: 8

Murders Hate Herring

Fredenbüll goes Reeperbahn
A fall storm washes a container ship full of electronics scrap up on Fredenbüll's coast. Between the snarled cables and discarded screens, a body appears! Everything points toward murder - and to the likelihood that the crime happened in Hamburg. In ...
Volume: 7

Deep In Shallow Water

With a surprisingly simple ruse, art student Harry Oldenburg snatches an oil painting and three watercolours by Emil Nolde from a local museum. High-tailing it to the island of Amrum, his plan is to lie low until the commotion has died down. But it isn't long before he finds himself being chased ...
Volume: 1

The Waters of Death

A welcome change for young journalist Katja Jakobs: influential millionaire industrialist Kennet Hanssen makes her a once-in-a-lifetime offer to collaborate on his biography-on one condition. She must go and stay with him in his remote house on an island in the Elbe for the duration of the project.

The Pickled Herring Squad

Just in time to prevent Sergeant Thies Detlefsen's boredom turning into a serious case of autumn blues, the tiny North Frisian village of Fredenbüll takes on a new lease of (criminal) life. Three bank robbers from the dusty wanted poster in Thies's office hold up the bank in Schlütthörn, the ...

Volume: 3

North Sea Shrimps

a Seaside Crime Novel

Summer is fast approaching in the tiny North Frisian seaside community of Fredenbüll, and as usual village policeman Thies Detlefsen is planning to take his family to the neighbouring island of Amrum for their annual vacation. But this year it looks as if it won't be much of a family ...

Volume: 2

Spiked Fruit Jelly

A seaside crime novel

The village of Fredenbüll on the coast of Northern Frisia boasts three breakwaters, a population of 176 (including a blue-blooded family), 600 sheep (organically raised, of course!), the Hansen bakery, Alexandra's hairdressing salon, the Hidde Kist inn, a fire brigade and a police ...

Volume: 1