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Penguins and Pack Ice – The Polar Regions

Our past and our future are buried beneath the ice.

The ice-cap in the Arctic and Antarctic has always played a crucial role in the earth's complex eco-system. So this 740,000-year old ice contains valuable information about the climatic changes which took place in the ...
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Tell Me

Everything children really want to know about sex-and aren't afraid to ask

How much sex education do primary school children need? As much as they ask for, say the experts. And what exactly is it that children want to know? When teaching primary school classes about the human ...

Rights sold: English language, Spain (cast., cat.), Korea, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Serbia, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway

More than Strong!

Staying chilled through everyday life and school stress

Creatively mastering everyday life

Parents, school, friends - the everyday life of teenagers is quite stressful, and staying cool and calm is not always easy. This hands-on book focuses on concrete situations and practical exercises to promote resilience, creativity, ...

Cooking Pot Concerts

Small adventures and DIYs for inside and outside

From recycling projects to record-breaking bids

Vacation at home? No one to play with? With this book, you won't be bored! After all, you can camp out in the backyard (or spend the night on the balcony), hold a household concert with instruments made from kitchen utensils, ...

We Were Lucky - Despite Everything

A German-Jewish Family History

To Tel Aviv and back: the story of an emigration

Thea Saalheimer was nineteen in 1939 when she fled from the Nazi horrors of Germany and ended up in Tel Aviv. There, she fell in love with Max Wolffsohn and, fifteen years later, the two of them returned to Germany together with ...

Completely Organized - A Guide for Chaos Queens

It may be hard to believe, but cleaning up can be fun

Since the runaway success of Marie Kondo's Netflix series, organization has become a major trend. And where is it more appreciated than in a children's room? This doesn't mean that cleaning up and dejunking has to result in an ...

Be Happy – My Creative Happiness Book

What makes you happy?

This charmingly illustrated workbook is packed full of ideas and inspiration. Step by step, these suggestions will help you to more intensely perceive moments of great happiness as well as the small flashes of daily joy. The creative analysis this book ...

Fashion Victim

A Top Model’s Story

Light and Shadow Inside the world of top models

For ten years, the world's runways were Anne-Sophie Monrad's second home. She modelled for various high-profile companies, including Chanel, Givenchy and Jean-Paul Gaultier… until Autumn 2018. This was when she went public with her ...

The Do-It-Yourself Holiday Manual

All your girlfriends are away on holiday, you're fed up to the back teeth with the local swimming pool or the weather's more like November? This book is a ready remedy!

For every day of the summer holidays there's two pages for you to jot down your observations about the weather, ...

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Farther, Wilder, Funnier

How far can you spit a cherry pit?

With these and over fifty other cool, gross, wild, and funny ideas, children can measure themselves and create their own personal book of records. They will be able to see how close they are to actual world records (at least, for those that exist ...

My Wishes, Dreams and Plans

A Scrapbook and Keepsake

A companion for the future and a very private memento

Which places around the world do you want to see the most? What amazing and crazy things do you want to do? You can write everything down in here - what you hope to achieve in your life and what you want your future to look like.

I, Merlin, and the Fearless Knights

Merlin, Arthur & Co. report live from their legendary adventures!

What were the Middle Ages really like? Were they as adventurous and colorful as we imagine them to be? Wise Merlin provides the answers to the questions we have long been asking: How did young Arthur of ...

Rights sold: Hungary (Kolibri), Romania (Niculescu), Russia (Rare Birds)
Volume: 4