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The Five Aces - Starting Shot

A Sports/Crime Adventure

In only a few days' time the international school will play host to almost 1,000 participants from a total of ten different schools for the mini-Olympics! And it goes without saying that the five friends are training more intensively than ever before. But even on the first day strange things ...
Rights sold: Slovenia, Spain (cat.), Turkey
Volume: 1

Maier’s Fabulous Mystery Tour

A Tour through Europe – for you to join in and solve the puzzles!

Travelling à la Maier is probably not everyone's idea of fun, for it requires nerves of steel! The Maiers won their trip as a prize for a crossword puzzle and they are now being carted all over Europe by the travel agency Crazy Tours - from Munich to Amsterdam on a double-decker bus, then on to ...
Rights sold: Czech Republic, Latvia, France, Italy

Hanno Draws Himself a Dragon

With illustrations in black and white by Mary Rahn

Hanno had been looking forward to going to school, but his classmates make fun of him because he is too fat. This depresses him terribly; he doesn't do his homework or have fun playing. On his way home from school, he sits down on a park bench and begins to draw figures in the sand with a little stick.
Rights sold: Spain (cat., basque), Japan, Korea, Rhaeto-Romance, PR China

Tell Me

Everything children really want to know about sex-and aren't afraid to ask

How much sex education do primary school children need? As much as they ask for, say the experts. And what exactly is it that children want to know? When teaching primary school classes about the human ...

Rights sold: English language, Spain (cast., cat.), Korea, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Serbia, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway

An Incredible Christmas

24 Mystery Tours All Round the World

Amazing Christmas puzzles from around the world for you to help to solve

Father Christmas has lost his notebook, which contains all the information about Christmas customs in other countries. This is a real disaster! So Helge the reindeer is sent off on a ...

Pillow Fight on the Night Express

On the sleeper car to St. Petersburg

At the age of nine, talented violinist Kurt takes the first big trip of his life. His grandmother is accompanying him on the train to St. Petersburg for an audition. At least that is the plan. However, Kurt's little sister smuggles ...

Our Miss Fae

Fairy Dust in the Classroom

A fairy as a teacher - simply enchanting!

Miss Fae is a fairy who can grant all the wishes your heart desires - but one day, when she refuses to fulfil a really mean wish, she gets banished to the human world. She is now trying her luck as an elementary school teacher. What ...

Volume: 1

Our Miss Fae 2

Magical mail for Lilly

A new adventure with Miss Fae

Lilly's teacher is a real fairy. What luck for Lilly and her class! Because she causes little fairies to appear in their schoolhouse and attracts magical creatures with the children's help. When she even arranges for Lilly to have a pen pal ...

Volume: 2

The Foundling Fox

How the Little Fox Found a Mother

A vixen finds a fox cub that has gotten lost in the forest and carries it all the way home to her fox-earth where she lives with three cubs of her own. Her curious neighbour is anxious to see the new guest, but as the mother fox tries to pick it out, she realizes that she can no longer distinguish ...
Rights sold: France, South Korea, Israel, India (Bengali language), Spain (cat., cast.), South America, Arab language, PR China, Turkey, Russia

Cooking Pot Concerts

Small adventures and DIYs for inside and outside

From recycling projects to record-breaking bids

Vacation at home? No one to play with? With this book, you won't be bored! After all, you can camp out in the backyard (or spend the night on the balcony), hold a household concert with instruments made from kitchen utensils, ...

Dwarf Mammoths Aren't Presents

Norbert, the dwarf mammoth is back!

Norbert, the cutest dwarf mammoth there ever was, decides to go off in search of his roots. Together with his friend Henry and Henry's cool grandma, Norbert flies to Crete - only to find out that his arrival has actually been long-awaited!

Volume: 4

Quick! Wake Up the Sloth!

Everyone loves Stanley, the sloth

Finn, Zoe and Henry are more than a little astonished when one day a sloth swings into the kitchen. And what a sloth it is! Stanley's charm doesn't just stem from his friendly, laid-back demeanor; he is a cunning soccer player (in slow motion, of ...

Volume: 2