Coverbild Fortune’s Travelers von Sybil Volks, ISBN-978-3-423-39005-7

Fortune’s Travelers

The Boysen family celebrates life
During a major celebration at Tide House - Inge Boysen is turning 80, while her granddaughter Inka is turning 18 - Fortune’s Comet soars over the North Sea island. Inge, her children, and her grandchildren become Fortune’s travellers. Enno is off on a worldwide tour, while his wife searches for new opportunities back home. Gesa is walking the tightrope between two loves. Inka learns the truth about her heritage and runs away. Even son Boy, who saved the parental home in a reckless bet, must face the reality that the proverbial tide can turn at any moment - for him, Tide House, and his entire family.
  • For readers of Rose Tremain
  • Total sales of Sybil Volks’ books with dtv: over 100,000 copies
  • A beautifully narrated, warm-hearted book full of humor and charm.
About the author
Portrait von Sybil Volks

Sybil Volks

Sybil Volks lives as a freelance editor and writer in Berlin. She has published numerous novels as well as short stories and poems in magazines and anthologies. Her historical Berlin crime novel "Café Größenwahn" was nominated for the Glauser Prize for best debut crime novel of 2008. 2012 saw the publication of her highly praised Berlin-set family novel "1 Torstrasse", in 2015 "Winter Guests" was published which also hit the Paperback Bestselling List. Her new novel "Die Glückspassagiere" continues the story of "Winter Guests".

Sybil Volks

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