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Steam-bread Blues

A Bavarian crime thriller

It’s business as usual: crime is rife in Niederkaltenkirchen...

Franz Eberhofer’s relationship with Susi is ticking along quite nicely and his pigsty of a home is finally approaching something resembling order. But then things start spinning out of control in Niederkaltenkirchen. The body of high school teacher Hopfli is found on the railway line. Okay, he may have been a royal pain in the arse, but is that any reason to do a runner and then turn up dead on the tracks? And was it suicide or murder? Franz is well and truly pissed off; Susi has fled to Italy, and now he finds his investigations leading him into the murky world of gay hustlers and rent boys. And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s lumbered with the tedious chore of babysitting his brother’s ghastly toddler. It’s just as well he has his dear old granny to look after his creature comforts, because he’ll need all his strength for the bloodcurdling showdown with a fearsome former legionnaire…

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Winter Potato Dumplings:

Rita Falk’s wonderful provincial crime novel Winter Potato Dumplings has been topping bestseller lists for months on end – hardly surprising: events in the fictional village of Niederkaltenkirchen are just too funny for words! Main-Echo

Rita Falk’s style is quirky and offbeat – simply sensational! She uses only the finest ingredients to cook up her brilliant debut. With a combination of unique style and a distinctive protagonist in the form of Franz Eberhofer, Rita Falk stands head and shoulders above the mass of detective novelists. But it’s more than just eccentricity – Falk effortlessly maintains the suspense throughout this deliciously hilarious debut novel. Alex Dengler – Germany’s foremost literary critic

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Rita Falk

Rita Falk was born in 1964 in Bavaria and still lives there. With her rural mysteries centered on village constable Franz Eberhofer and her novels Hannes and Radio Flyer, she has written her way into the hearts of her readers - including those far beyond Bavaria’s borders. The films based on her Franz Eberhofer books have also been very popular.

Rita Falk

Rita Falk steht mit ihren Provinzkrimis auf den Bestsellerlisten. Mit ›Funkenflieger‹ hat sie einen Familienroman geschrieben. Mehr über die Autorin in unserem Special.

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