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The Turkish Woman

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Although he has a brilliant career ahead of him, the young man from Frankfurt is melancholic for no apparent reason. Then he meets a young Turkish woman, with whom he immediately becomes obsessed. But Pupuseh is compelled to return to her home country.
Driven by his passion, the young man leaves everything behind and follows her. The villages where Pupuseh and her family live are a closed world, an extraordinary oriental wonderland. But the longer he is exposed to the wild, colourful landscape and his lover’s bizzare entourage, the more the young man falls under Pupuseh’s exotic spell. However her family will not tolerate an intruder in their midst...

Press Comments:

»With great narrative stamina and his distinctive love of descriptive details, Martin Mosebach uses love as a setting for an encounter which unfolds between two very different cultures.«
Bernd Stegemann in the ›Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung‹ of 08.06.2003

»Martin Mosebach is an exceptionally gifted master of style (…) ›The Turkish Woman‹ is rich in evocative language, with a keen eye for detail, full of sensual-voluptuous oriental opulence.«
Martin Krumbholz in the ›Neue Zürcher Zeitung‹ of 05.05.1999

Martin Mosebach was awarded the distinguished Heimito-von-Doderer-Prize for this novel.

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288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-13674-7

Rights sold: Italy, Arabic language
About the author

Martin Mosebach

Born in Frankfurt on the Main in 1951, where he has remained, Martin Mosebach has been making his living as a freelance author after obtaining a law degree. His output includes novels, short stories, poetry, essays and librettos, for which he has received many awards including the Heimito von Doderer Prize for Literature (1999), the Heinrich von Kleist Prize (2002) and the Georg Büchner Prize (2007). Further works: “A Long Night” (2000), “The Moon and the Maiden” (2002).

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