Coverbild Children Of Disobedience von Asta Scheib, ISBN-978-3-423-25288-1

Children Of Disobedience

The Love Story of Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora

One of the most scandalous love stories of history: a renegade monk marries a run-away nun, and in the process our understanding of love between man and woman takes on a historically new meaning. So too the love between God and people, and with it our very understanding of religion. This is the story of two passionate and revolutionary individuals who believed that God had created them to be free, to love with soul, mind and with their bodies, and to live their very own life sweeping aside church dogma and social convention.

Based on extensive research (including all of Luther's letters to Katharina - hers had not been considered important enough at the time to be kept), Asta Scheib's novel is a sensitive and critical portrait of the man Martin Luther from the perspective of his wife. It is as well a beautiful description of the woman Katharina von Bora who held her own strong and influential self in a relationship that was neither simple nor easy.

The SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG writes: "With her third novel, Asta Scheib succeeds again in an impressive variation of 'her' theme: how can a person gain the freedom it takes to lead one's own life - even under very unfavourable circumstances?' "

368 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-25288-1

Rights sold: Korea, USA
About the author
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Asta Scheib

Asta Scheib was born in 1939 and began her career working as an editor for various magazines. She published her debut novel in the 80s and is now one of the best-known authors writing in German. She lives in Munich with her family.

Asta Scheib

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