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Two young men, friends since early child-hood, speed away on their trip into life. Until the accident. Uli believes fiercely that Hannes will awake from his coma, soon. He visits him daily, even though his community service at the “Bird’s Nest”, a mental health clinic, is quite demanding. At the same time, he has this hunger for life, for love and sex as well as for a deep friendship – and the hope that everything will soon be back the way it was before the accident. And in his own way, he tries to bring Hannes back to life: Every day, Uli makes his friend take part in his daily life, always in hope for a tiny twitch, a blink, a word of recognition. Every day, Uli writes him letters so that Hannes will be up to date later on, when he is back with him. But in between, he is overwhelmed by an irrepressible rage, rage at the soulless hi-tech medicine, the helpless-arrogant doctors, at Hannes’ parents who wallow in self-pity and rage at Hannes himself, who is just lying there, without showing a single sign of life…

With Hannes, bestselling author Rita Falk shows the true extent of her writing skills by gifting us with a genuine, universal story about unconditional friendship and loss, about love and death, which shall leave nobody untouched.

Thanks to her unique style, the reader will laugh and suffer with the protagonists and despair with them of the injustice of fate. But this story also radiates the splendour, power and beauty of life. This is an outstanding novel which will find and touch its readers everywhere.


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
208 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-08666-0
17. November 2021
Rights sold: France, Italy, Israel
Rights available again: Korea, The Netherlands,