Angel of Tears

16-year-old Flora is found by the lakeside, bleeding from multiple cuts. She claims to have no memory of what’s happened to her. What’s more, the different witness statements don’t add up to any kind of coherent picture of events, leaving the police with no leads to follow. Finally, a statement made by her friend Trixi puts Flora’s step-brother Hagen under suspicion. It seems that now Flora can remember a few snippets of what happened at the lake, and points the finger at her step-brother. Hagen has no alibi, so he is taken into custody. The case seems to be clear-cut – but when Flora completely breaks down, it becomes apparent that she inflicted the injuries on herself as a way to get some attention from her boyfriend and family.


dtv Junior
288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-78243-2
2. Auflage 2011
Rights sold: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic