Tim is in borstal - a twenty month sentence. Instead of the thrills of parties, mates and girls, his life consists of suspicion, loneliness, and monotony. On top of it all, he faces the daily struggle for acceptance by his fellow prisoners and continuous fear of violence and brutal assault. With difficulty, he manages to come to terms with his lot, doing his best to assert himself against both right-wing thugs and gangs of Moroccans. Tim does a lot of reading and thinking. He spends his time killing time.

Until the unthinkable happens: Tim falls in love. With Martha, who comes from the »outside« and turns up in the prison once a week, thanks to a social integration programme. A new, overwhelming enthusiasm for life awakens in Tim, and now he can think only of one thing: escape.

Life in extremis: Tim is doing time in borstal. But in the midst of the coldness and isolation, a ray of light appears on the horizon: Tim meets the love of his life - and when he is let out briefly from prison, he and Martha decide to elope together ...

“SpaceTime” was nominated by the Young Jury for the German Youth Book Price.


dtv Junior
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-78217-3
4. Auflage 2015
Rights sold: Dutch language