Pillow Fight on the Night Express

On the sleeper car to St. Petersburg

At the age of nine, talented violinist Kurt takes the first big trip of his life. His grandmother is accompanying him on the train to St. Petersburg for an audition. At least that is the plan. However, Kurt’s little sister smuggles herself on board. Also unplanned are the numerous technical malfunctions, detours and delays that occur along the way. Nonetheless, the children make themselves right at home in their sleeping compartment, and from the plush security of the night express and aided by their whimsical grandma, travelling pets and chaotic fellow passengers, they experience all kinds of turbulent entanglements and enjoyable adventures.
Even if they do not reach St. Petersburg on time...

• A turbulent train trip with flair and suspense
• Distinctive characters and an atmospheric, imaginative setting


dtv Junior
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76351-6
22. Dezember 2021