Charlie - A School Bus Takes a Dive

A rather wet adventure with beloved Charlie

After Will and his friends return from their adventurous trip with Charlie, the magical school bus, they have to readjust to the boring everyday life of their boarding school. Charlie is hidden away, because the friends dream of flying off with him again as soon as possible and experiencing new adventures. But – horrors! – Charlie is unexpectedly discovered by a teacher, who threatens to send him to the junkyard. Despite their attempt to save the school bus, everything goes wrong, and the four friends suddenly find themselves embroiled in a new adventure which will take them to the depths of the ocean...

• For readers of Alex Rühle’s Zippel, Sabrina Kirschner, Charlotte Habersack and The Magic School Bus series
• “A great book to read on your own and even better to read aloud.” Kieler Magazin about A School Bus goes Haywire

Volume: 2


dtv Junior
208 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76348-6
20. Oktober 2021