Dwarf Mammoths Aren't Presents

Norbert, the dwarf mammoth is back!

Norbert, the cutest dwarf mammoth there ever was, decides to go off in search of his roots. Together with his friend Henry and Henry’s cool grandma, Norbert flies to Crete – only to find out that his arrival has actually been long-awaited! The retired king of Greece has a soft spot for the rare dwarf mammoth and decides that Norbert would be a perfect gift from his visitors. So Norbert and Henry need to work together carefully in order to make their escape from the palace. And when they discover traces among the Cretan ruins and beautiful lemon trees that suggest that Norbert might not be the last living dwarf mammoth, things get even more confusing… Does Norbert get to meet his herd, or will he be alone forever?

• The dwarf mammoth is searching for his roots
• The anticipated sequel - mammoth Norbert continues his adventures
• A third title is in preparation

Volume: 4


dtv Junior
176 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76339-4
23. Juli 2021