An Elk’s Journey to Happiness

A lovesick elk on a road trip

Young Henning, an elk with a TV career, leads what many would consider a wonderful life in a German zoo. He is petted and groomed every day, and has even become a TV star. If only it weren’t for the lovely Finja back in his distant homeland, Sweden! When Henning happens to hear something about her one day, he suddenly realizes that he must get back home – to where his heart is. And right away, too! In the middle of a day of filming, he rushes away from the set. But it is a long way, even too long for a lovesick elk. And thus, Henning decides he needs to hitch a ride up north. To do this, he lends an open ear to everyone he encounters. And as it turns out, an attentive elk can change his own life after all – even, if he can’t say anything!

  • An elk with cult potential - the perfect gift for readers young and old
  • By the successful author & illustrator duo behind Fletcher


dtv Junior
104 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76253-3
20. September 2019