Cheating for Love

Lene has a mega crush on someone. And of all people she’s fallen for Florian, her friend from nursery school. Because she’s horribly embarrassed about it and, even more so, because her best friend Theresa has been obsessing about Flo for months she is determined that the others mustn’t find out. In her desperation, she makes up a passionate holiday romance with ‘Raoul’. Without wanting to she has to invent ever more complicated lies.

Until suddenly Baxter, Flo’s friend from England turns up: All at once Lene realises that her feelings for Flo were nothing but a passing infatuation. From now on Baxter will be the love of her life. So all she has to do is get rid of the imaginary boyfriend …


dtv Junior
192 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-07610-4
1. Auflage, September 2008
Rights sold: The Netherlands