Keep Cool, Folks!

Chaotic Comics by Luis 1

Luis and Vincent – what a team! They’ve always been the best of friends. But then one day, Detlef Weich, a new boy, turns up in their class and insists on being called ‘Zorro’. He seems to have nothing better to do than pick on Luis, who finds himself ridiculed at every turn by the Zorro gang. The worst of it is that Luis can no longer be sure whose side his oldest friend is on. Sometimes Vincent acts as if he doesn’t know him any more at school. But Luis is used to getting hassled – he has older brothers and sisters to contend with, and seems to constantly find himself in the middle of all sorts of catastrophes and disasters. Keep cool, folks – it takes a lot more to get Luis down!

Volume: 1


dtv Junior
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-76005-8
3. Auflage 2012
Rights sold: Spain (cast.), Czech Republic
Rights available again: Greece, Turkey