Hanno Draws Himself a Dragon

With illustrations in black and white by Mary Rahn
Hanno had been looking forward to going to school, but his classmates make fun of him because he is too fat. This depresses him terribly; he doesn't do his homework or have fun playing. On his way home from school, he sits down on a park bench and begins to draw figures in the sand with a little stick. Suddenly, a little dragon he has outlined comes to life and keeps Hanno company.

Hanno becomes more and more self-confident while he teaches the dragon how to read, write, dance and jump around.

Mary Rahn's illustrations reveal a subtle insight into the character of the story. Over 1 million copies sold
Shortlist German Children’s Literature Award


dtv Junior
64 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-07561-9
46. Auflage 2021
Rights sold: Spain (cat., basque), Japan, Korea, Rhaeto-Romance, PR China
Rights available again: Turkey, Romania, Israel, Italy, UK/US, Sweden, Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Spain (cast.)