Over There

When your parents were young and Germany was divided in two

Kalter Hund cakes and prefab buildings over here, gum and townhouses over there

Max and Maya are cousins. They like each other. They enjoy playing cowboys and Indians, and eating vanilla ice cream. They could do so many things together, but the border between East and West Germany runs between their two homes.
While Maya’s first day of school is celebrated with a Kalter Hund cake, Max goes for a ride on his BMX bike through his new subdivision. Maya reads the Abrafaxe comics, while Max listens to TKKG tapes for hours. Although Maya is involved with the Young Pioneers, Max enjoys kicking a ball around with his friends. As parallel storylines, we get to see what was important and typical for the children of the 1980s on both sides of the border. Until one day, everything changed…
A richly illustrated and informative book about the years when Mommy and Daddy were children and the border between the two Germanys still existed.

  • Franziska Gehm grew up in the DDR


Klett Kinderbuch
40 pages, ISBN 978-3-95470-184-1
21. September 2018