The Snowy Mountain Christmas Miracle

The citizens of Snowy Mountain discover the true value of Christmas by bartering instead of relying on cash.

Snowy Mountain is living up to its name — battered by a blizzard so fierce that the little village at the head of the pretty valley is slowly but surely becoming snowed in. Isolated from the outside world, the villagers come to the puzzling realization that all their money has disappeared. Lotte is the first to notice when she tries to break into Frida, her piggybank, and then other Snowy Mountain residents begin to spot the mysterious lack of money as well: the cash dispensers aren’t paying out and there isn’t so much as a brass farthing in the tills of the shops. And with Christmas just around the corner, too! The grownups are going out of their minds, but for Lotte and her friends it turns out to be the best Christmas ever.


dtv Junior
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71768-7
13. Oktober 2017