The Five Aces - Starting Shot

A Sports/Crime Adventure

In only a few days’ time the international school will play host to almost 1,000 participants from a total of ten different schools for the mini-Olympics! And it goes without saying that the five friends are training more intensively than ever before. But even on the first day strange things happen: Michael can’t participate in the decisive 100-metre sprint because of really bad stomach cramps, Jabali’s shoelaces break during his promising 1.500 metre run, and when Ilka is about to take part in the swimming competition, it turns out her bathing costume has disappeared without trace. As more incidents of this kind occur it soon becomes clear that someone is deliberately sabotaging the Five Aces …

A genius with any ball, a supple gymnast, an untiring runner, a keen swimmer and an (almost) unbeatable decathlete – they are the ‘Five Aces’! Lennart, Michael, Linh, Ilka and Jabali are all close friends as well as being mad about sports. Together the five young sports aces, from five different continents, dive head first into every adventure – and at the same time have a lot of fun in sports.
Volume: 1


dtv Junior
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-71319-1
4. Auflage 2015
Rights sold: Slovenia, Spain (cat.), Turkey
Rights available again: Spain (bas.); Spain (cast.)