Wanda – Top Secret!

With two-colour illustrations by Dagmar Geisler
Wanda is outraged: Organic-Inge, her father's girlfriend is pregnant! What’s more, now Ilse, Wanda's mother, refuses to eat anything but health foods as well! And there's plenty going on at their neighbours, the Schillings, too: Fabian's mother has a permanent visitor, some guy from New Zealand. As Wanda and her best friend Katti busily collect more and more evidence of the peculiar behaviour of grown-ups, Fabian becomes increasingly exasperated and retreats into his shell. In his opinion, »women« just talk too much. Wanda and Katti are furious! After all, what's better about Fabian's new boy gang?

While Wanda and Katti fight to retain Fabian Schilling's friendship, all the grown up's problems seem to vanish into thin air: Mr. and Mrs. Schilling get back together, the New Zealander is given the boot, pregnant Inge turns into a fast-food addict and Ilse swaps health food for pizza & pasta at Ristorante Paolo. And eventually even Fabian comes to his senses …


dtv Junior
128 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-70837-1
Rights sold: Poland, Thailand, Latvia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia & Montenegro, Dutch language, Chinese (simplified characters),Spain (Catalan & Castilian language), France, Turkey
Rights available again: Czech Republic, Hungary