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Finding the Meaning of Life in the Everyday. A Practical Guidebook

An internal treasure there for the taking

Ikigai: this resonant Japanese term stands for the joy that comes with finding meaning in life and consequently concentrating on the things that are truly worthwhile. Research shows that those with high ikigai levels not only lead a more fulfilled life but also have a significantly higher life-expectancy than those who haven’t yet found their raison d’être. We all come equipped with ikigai, it’s a resource just waiting to be tapped in order to attain greater levels of inspiration, vivacity and energyy – to lead a healthier, happier life.
In her introduction, Bettina Lemke explains the principles of ikigai. In the main section she offers readers guidance for discovering their own ikigai by using mental techniques and other exercises. The themes she addresses include conscious breathing, diet, sleeping patterns, exercise, inner peace, resilience, perfect flow and finding your individual rhythm of life.

• In the wake of the Danish hygge principle discussed in books the world over, ikigai is the new hot topic that captures the spirit of our times
• contains a wealth of practical exercises


dtv Ratgeber
160 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34954-3
4. Auflage 2020
Rights sold: Spain (cast.), Italy, France, The Netherlands, Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal, Turkey, Romania