Emotional Leading

The art of leading yourself and others

How to harness the power of inspirational leadership

Our actions are generally geared towards experiencing as many positive and as few negative emotions as possible. That goes for our work as well as our private lives. But what actually generates emotions? How do they come into being? In Emotional Leadership Denis Mourlane explains how we can learn to develop greater awareness of our own emotions and those of others; how we can assess and ultimately influence them positively. The crucial factor is to take five fundamental psychological requirements into consideration. If these requirements are satisfied, the result will be an enhanced degree of motivation.

Denis Mourlane presents a sound model based on scientific fact that can be easily integrated into everyday life. He offers the reader effective tools to optimise their leadership skills.


dtv Sachbuch
256 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34933-8
2. Auflage 2018