Escaping the Mind Game Trap

People play mind games all the time. What may seem like low-grade irritation is in truth calculated manipulation. Experienced life coaches Cornelia and Stephan Schwarz show us how to see through these insidious games by means of a combination of Buddhist know-how and psychological coaching techniques. The readers are introduced to the most effective exit-strategies, they learn how to activate their individual potential and make sure their interests are enforced – in harmony with others. The successful result manifests in greater efficiency at work, as well as better relationships with your family, friends and colleagues. The authors present a choice selection of case studies to clarify the mechanisms and underlying intentions of mind gaming. Once you have learned to see through psychological manipulation, you can extricate yourself from it.

• Buddhist psychology for day-to-day life: a potent composite of elements of transactional analysis and the Four Noble Truths


dtv Ratgeber
236 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34925-3
2. Auflage 2019