I Think, Therefore I am... Mad!

The yo-yo effect is something many have painfully experienced at first hand after a diet, but are you also familiar with the big-fish-little-pond effect, the Mona Lisa syndrome and the TINA syndrome? There are countless psychological principles and phenomena we know little about, and yet on a daily basis they are affecting our behaviour, influencing our decisions or making us prone to manipulation. Jochen Mai and Daniel Rettig explain how we tick, both in matters of the heart and everyday life.

  • Why are we more willing to help others when we’re in a good mood?

  • Why do men have affairs?

  • Why is hindsight always easier than foresight?

  • Why do we always root for the underdog?


dtv Sachbuch
384 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34763-1
1. November 2012
Rights sold: Korea, Russia, Turkey