When My Soul Went Dark

Merle Leonhardt is 26 and has just graduated in psychology when suddenly and for no apparent reason she loses all pleasure in life. The massive decline in mood is compounded by physical weakness, extreme fatigue, utter despair and panic attacks culminating in suicidal thoughts. Therapy as an outpatient proves ineffective, and eventually she is admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Her battle with depression continues for a long time but in the end she learns to live with her condition. Her twofold perspective as professional and patient is at once profoundly analytical and deeply moving.

A disarmingly candid approach to a taboo subject.

The author sees things both sides being both a psychotherapist and depression sufferer.


dtv Sachbuch
224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34660-3
5. Auflage 2017
Rights sold: Russia