The Pilgrim's Manual

A companion for life

A warm invitation to see life as a pilgrimage – and to allow yourself to be transformed by what you encounter along the way

Walking comes as naturally as breathing, and yet if we undertake it with awareness it can reward us with fresh strength, clarity and creativity. For centuries the desire for spiritual regeneration has inspired pilgrims from all corners of the earth to set out on an inner journey – today, this longing is stronger than ever.

This book offers gentle instruction on how we can make the most of this process of insight and find ourselves by way of an inner journey.

The distance covered is not relevant: whether we set out on a pilgrimage, a hike or just a long walk – any sort of conscious walking will help us to pause and think, catch our breath and gain new strength.

The little “Pocket Pilgrim” – a book that will slip into every rucksack


dtv Ratgeber
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34589-7
3. Auflage 2017