The Buddha’s Early Incarnations

Tales from the early lives of The Enlightened One

In the lively and entertaining manner we have come to associate with all their works, Ditte and Giovanni Bandini now bring us their account of the stories that make up the ›Jâtakam‹.

This collection, compiled at the dawn of a new era, has been rendered in numerous sculptural forms across the Asian continent and remains extremely popular to this day. The tales – predominantly pre-Buddhist, ancient Indian fairytales, fables and short stories – describe typical events which occurred during the various different human and animal incarnations of Bodhisattva, the future Buddha, thereby illustrating the key virtues or rather the karmic consequences of acting in the »right«or »wrong« way.

Along with an introduction to Buddhist thought and explanatory texts, this volume offers vivid depictions of the many incarnations of Buddha.


dtv Ratgeber
192 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34352-7
1. Auflage, November 2006
Rights sold: Italy, Latvia