On Aggression

On Agression has had significant impact on the social as well as the biological sciences and is now a classic point of reference for investigations of man's behavioral patterns. Written by a Nobel Prize winner and one of the most distinguished pioneers in the field of animal behavior, the book presents extraordinary findings on the mechanism of aggression and the various means by which animals control destructive drives in the interest of the species. Fish, wolves, dogs, rats, deer, birds, and farmyard animals have developed their solutions for coexistence. In an ascending scale, Professor Lorenz depicts the forms of their group associations, rising to the capacity for establishing lasting individual relationships comparable to the bond between human lovers.

Convinced that the biological sciences have gathered knowledge that can be applied to the better control of aggression in men, Professor Lorenz looks at human behavior with the objectivity of an investigator from another planet and voices a cautious optimism about the future of our civilization.

"...a wise, eloquent and...extremely important book." Howard E. Evans, Harper's Magazine

"...wonderfully stimulating to the historical imagination." J.H. Plumb, Saturday Review

"Dr. Konrad Lorenz...is one of the few scientists who can present useful and absorbing knowledge in a pleasantly communicative style." Isidor Schneider, Book Week

"...will alternately bemuse, rivet, entertain, and alarm almost any sane person. Above all, a warm humanity, a kindly humor, and a deep thoughtfulness shine through almost every word he writes." Joseph Alsop, The New Yorker


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272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-33017-6
31. Auflage 2020
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