dtv-Atlas Mathematics (2 volumes)

The ›dtv-Atlas of Mathematics‹ is a two-volume guide to modern mathematics and its most recent advances. The atlas sets out the basic principles of mathematics, followed by an introduction to all the main branches of study and their associated theories and hypotheses. Volume 1 presents the fundamental concepts of the subject and covers algebra and geometry; volume 2 is devoted to calculus and applied mathematics.

In keeping with the dtv-Atlas format, each page of text has a facing page containing diagrams which illustrate concepts and geometry, provide examples, formulas and charts and schematisation of general concepts. Thanks to the extensive index, the atlas is also a reliable reference work and a comprehensive compendium of formulae.


dtv Sachbuch
272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-03007-6
12. Auflage, Dezember 2001
Rights sold: France, Hungary, Italy, Japan
Rights available again: The Netherlands, Spain, Poland