A challenge
Better conflict in the interest of better togetherness
Fighting is interesting. Fighting makes you more clever. Fighting is essential - for both societies and individuals, professionally and personally. A good fight forces us to organise arguments and consider points to our opponents. In a period shaped by refugee crises, Brexit, and Trump, we desperately need to be able to argue well. Instead, we end up screaming at each other, insulting each other, or trying to drown each other out, or we take the soft approach and scatter little hearts, likes, and smileys.
Meredith Haaf argues for developing a better argument culture and poses the following questions. What happens to a democracy when it loses its ability to debate?
Why have we lost faith in our ability to argue a particular position?
What does a good fight look like, and how can we re-learn how to engage in it?


dtv Sachbuch
288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28977-1
21. September 2018