The Games of the Century

The 1972 Olympics, terrorism and the New Germany

A dazzling panorama of an entire epoch, brilliantly narrated

Out of the shadows of the Nazi era, the post-war recovery complete – in 1972, Germany tears open the windows. There is a spirit of optimism in the air, and the Olympic Games are supposed to present to the world the new, easy-going Germany. These Games are to be a celebration of democracy; they are to present an alternative to the martial propaganda of 1936 in Berlin. Under the audacious tent roof, the olympic athletes embody the dream of peaceful coexistence in the midst of the Cold War. But then a Palestinian terrorist plot puts a cruel end to all that. Award-winning journalists Ritzer and Deininger tell a powerful story that spans almost a century and comes to a head during the two weeks of the 1972 Olympics.

• 70 years of German history condensed into the two weeks of the Olympic Games
• Extensive research, eyewitness interviews, and a new look at the massacre and the failures of both political figures and police officers
• For readers of Oliver Hilmes and Harald Jähner


dtv Sachbuch
528 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28303-8
20. Oktober 2021