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A Mirror for my Counterpart

Can two halves of homelands become one?

When the muezzin sings, Huzur buries her head under her pillow. When her colleagues at the school in Wedding reduce her to her Turkish heritage, she comes to class wearing a headscarf – and is suspended. When a strange man at the airport in Antalya hands a child to her, she takes it to Berlin, no questions asked.
But then nobody comes to pick up the ten-year-old Zaynab, and Huzur is suddenly the sole caregiver for the Syrian girl – a responsibility that weighs all the heavier on Huzur because Zaynab, in all her turmoil and longing, reminds her so much of herself. And also because Huzur herself doesn’t know exactly what it means to be at home in Germany. A German-Turkish teacher caught between anger and assimilation encounters a Syrian refugee girl, who helps her create a new homeland out of two seperate halves.

• A debut novel written with furious energy, emotional and political
• For readers of Mithu M. Sanyal's Identitti and Olga Grjasnowa


dtv Literatur
176 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28294-9
16. Februar 2022