Between You and Me

Violence of the past, love of the present

When Nike leaves her apartment in the Berlin-Mitte district, she has to pass her great-grandmother’s Stolperstein. Stones like this are small memorials for the victims of persecution and murder during the Third Reich, and there are many of these in Berlin. Nike grew up Jewish in East Berlin, and every street carries memories for her, many are very painful. When she receives a job offer in Tel Aviv, she decides to accept it. In Israel she meets Noam who is a journalist, and his story is deep and complex. Nike allows him into her life, the first man in many years. But Noam’s Uncle Asher stands between her and Noam. He is possessive and brutal and does everything in his power to keep Nike out of Noam’s life.
Fearless and touching, Mirna Funk tells the story of the violence embedded in Nike’s and Noam’s family histories, violence that has shaped both of their lives. How can they both live with their emotional scars? And how can they find a way to love each other?

• From Germany’s most provocative Jewish, feminist voice
• For readers of Sibylle Berg, Olga Grjasnowa and Lisa Taddeo


dtv Literatur
304 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28267-3
19. Februar 2021