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Johnny Lackland

A girl named Johnny

Early on, Joana Wolkenzin knows that she is different. She spends hours reading and learns song lyrics by heart. As she grows older, she falls in love with both boys and girls. In the No Man’s Land of Western Pomerania in the 1990s, she gives herself a new name: Johnny. But will a new name bring her new happiness?

When her mother ups and leaves one night, Johnny, her brother Charlie and her father find themselves shakily circling an empty center. Johnny eventually sets off in search of a life and a story to meet her own needs - in Germany, Finland and Australia.

  • A linguistically powerful novel about what constitutes femininity today. Judith Zander is one of the most important authors of her generation, and she has received numerous awards for her works


dtv Literatur
528 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28235-2
21. August 2020