Home is a Place You have to Create Yourself

How we can create a livable society together

“Meaningful work and equitable salaries make people independent and proud, providing them with increased self-confidence. This is how they can be integrated into the broader society. They find what we all need: a home!”
Sina Trinkwalder, who established her business by employing 140 long-term unemployed individuals

Home isn’t a place, home is a question of attitude

Sina Trinkwalder took action where others just chose to talk. She employed 140 people, cultivating their sense of personal pride and self-worth. As a result, she changed the lives of her co-workers, as well as their attitudes toward themselves and others.
Sina Trinkwalder knows what it means to “give someone a home,” since this home isn’t a place or a heritage. This kind of home is one that you have to make for yourself.
And Trinkwalder is convinced of one thing. What has worked on the small scale can also work at the large scale. People can mutually offer each other “a home” when they bring esteem and fairness to each personal encounter. This can function at the regional, as well as national and global, level. “Home is a place you have to create yourself” is Sina Trinkwalder’s manifesto for better coexistence.

  • A response to the widespread yearning for esteem and fairness in society at large
  • 2020 is the tenth anniversary of the founding of Trinkwalder’s social justice- and sustainability-minded business, manomama
  • “Sina Trinkwalder’s goal is a good life, not just for herself but for everyone.” Harald Welzer


dtv Sachbuch
208 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28228-4
18. September 2020