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The Museum of the World

An extraordinary adventure and an unforgettable hero

Bartholomew is an orphan from Bombay, he’s twelve years old and speaks almost as many languages. This is why, in the year 1854, he is hired as a translator by the brothers Schlagintweit from Germany, who, with the support of Alexander von Humboldt and the East India Company, embark on the greatest expedition of their time, taking them across India and the Himalayas. But Bartholomew is also pursuing his own agenda: He wants to found the first museum of his astonishing, contradictory native land. For this he is willing to risk everything. Even his life.
A fantastic adventure that will change the way we see the history of colonialism.

"Orphaned teenager Bartholomäus could be Kim’s older brother. (…) But Das Museum der Welt, unlike Kipling’s classic, also shows the unsettling nature of those personal encounters – colonial but very human nevertheless – which shaped world history."
Francesca Melandri, author of the bestseller The Rightful Blood

  • "Laugh-out-loud funny and at times almost unbearably tender, Das Museum der Welt examines in depth the ambivalent nature of all colonial human relationships." (Francesca Melandri)
  • Full English Translation available


dtv Literatur
528 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28218-5
21. Februar 2020
Rights sold: English (Indian subcontinent): Harper Collins India