The Seven Lives of Anton Busch

“I was five years old when I first realized that I could read minds.”

Little Anton inherited the gift for reading minds from his beloved grandfather, a goose keeper who had always dreamed of being a violinist. With this gift, Anton saved his mother’s life. This is the memory that begins the life story of the now almost eighty-year-old Anton Busch. Born in 1939 as the seventh child in a farming family, he tells the story of his impoverished childhood, about the war, and about his family’s flight. He grew up in the young West Germany during the economic wonder years. Worked, married, learned, loved, suffered, and lived like everyone else. As an elderly man, he realized two things: Every life is unique. And no person lives just one life. Sometimes they lead many...

  • A novel about a fascinating life, linked to significant historical events while remaining focused on the essential elements: the people
  • Crime author Reinhard Rohn strikes off on a new path, inspired by his great-uncle’s eventful life


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
448 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28202-4
15. November 2019