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At the Walls of Paradise

David Ostrich, an Orientalist from Toronto, is about to investigate the legends from the book of Genesis on the Persian Gulf, when he receives an astonishing commission from the supervisor of a giant dam construction. Ostrich is asked to track down the supervisor’s missing daughter and, while pumping the frightened residents of the local work camp for information, stumbles across the secret that is holding together the desert nation. At the Walls of Paradise is a dystopian novel acquainting us with a world in which political and environmental changes trigger massive migration. Said dam construction also serves the purpose of closing borders against millions of refugees already on the move.
Interwoven with these topical issues are the eternal questions of man’s relation to God and the quest for the Biblical paradise. A novel about the actuality of the book of Genesis and of the meaning of story-telling for our existence.A literary gem: Raoul Schrott lends his unique voice to Martin Schneitewind.
Accompanied by Michael Köhlmeier’s insightful comments.


dtv Literatur
Aus dem Französischen von Raoul Schrott
400 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28187-4
22. März 2019