A View Across the Lake

“But what if our memories mislead us?”

Béatrice is in the middle of unpacking when the doorbell rings. She’s just moved from the city to an old mill by a lake somewhere deep in the provinces. She doesn’t know a soul here yet—so who on earth could this be? Outside her door she finds a young man calling himself Alexander Vogt who claims that Béatrice was a long-standing friend of his mother Helga. He’s trying to find out why his mother disappeared for three years back in 1977. Béatrice can’t remember a thing, but over the next few days she’s assailed by doubts: could Helga actually be Hedda, a friend from her university days who went underground? How much can she actually recall of that distant past and the period that came to be known as the German Autumn? Odile Kennel’s novel tells the story of a woman whose personal history reflects that of the Federal Republic of Germany, posing the question of how we remember our own past.

• the portrait of a woman who changes her memories—and her life
• How do we view the 1970s and our life today?
• written with great sensitivity and precision – an intensely absorbing read


dtv Literatur
272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28113-3
4. August 2017