Night Without Angel

Tegel airport, Berlin, 2015: a woman who has just arrived from Munich hails a taxi. Nico, the driver, soon realises that he recognises the passenger in his rearview mirror. Back in 1991 Nico and Jule spent a short but intensely passionate night together in the wake of a demonstration against the imminent Gulf War—and then never saw each other again. What kind of life have they been living in the intervening years? Has their mutual attraction stood the test of time?
Ulrich Woelk gives us a portrait of the generation that grew up just after the Berlin Wall was built. It’s the story of their ideals, hopes and dreams; the story of love nipped in the bud. A moving novel that culminates one morning at the foot of the Victory Column, soundtracked by a Freddie Mercury song.


dtv Literatur
224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28111-9
8. September 2017