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Frederick only ever wanted to dance, nothing else; and he achieved such unprecedented levels of accomplishment that no one could come close to him. Yet his unsurpassable perfection became his own undoing—because anything that’s beyond compare cries out to be destroyed.

Fred Astaire was—and for many still is—the best tap dancer who ever strode the boards. In Frederick, Perikles Monioudis tells Astaire’s life story; the story of a perfectionist who was constantly refining his skills as he strove tirelessly to improve his dancing. Astaire rose to untold heights in an art form that peaked along with him but soon fell from fashion.

Perikles Monioudis conceives that throughout his life Astaire had to ward off a fiendish companion who was hell-bent on persuading him to give up; who mocked his unstinting endeavours, perpetually reminding him of the fragility of success and the power of destiny.

Drawing on all available sources, Perikles Monioudis has written an unprecedented and utterly riveting novel about Fred Astaire. More than a biography, Frederick tells the story of a great artist, the beauty inherent in art and its attendant hazards.

• a literary take on the life of Fred Astaire, the greatest tap-dancer of all time
• a book about the pursuit of perfection—and the transience of all art

Praise for “Land” by Perikles Monioudis:
»Perikles Monioudis once again flexes his muscles as a first rate raconteur«
- Der Spiegel

»This book captures a truly cosmopolitan attitude to life«
- Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»This vagrant odyssey is compelling in its casual idiosyncrasy«
- Neue Zürcher Zeitung


dtv Literatur
224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28079-2
19. Februar 2016