The Book of Impositions

We really oughtn’t drive. It’s too undemanding. But are we not constantly exposed to all sorts of minor irritations on the train as well? Do we just need to turn a deaf ear more often? What’s happened to common courtesy? Can an artist be badly dressed? Why is mediocrity so often a success?

Stefan aus dem Siepen takes an impish look at the modern world. In a series of brief reflections and anecdotes, he considers the critical factors that prevent us from enjoying a pleasant and comfortable life. He examines the absurdity rampant in modern art, the farcical aspects of culture and the contrariness of everyday life. A book about impositions—the journal of a true flaneur—funny, poignant, sometimes provocative.


dtv Literatur
288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28061-7
22. September 2015