Wild Years

“I wish I had been a good mother to you.”

“She would love to tell her mother that she now has a daughter. Paula suddenly feels a flash of longing for her mother although she hasn’t missed her all these years.”
In the waning years of the 1960s, young Paula - chomping at the bit to escape the provincial world of her Hessian hometown and the clutches of her bitterly silent mother Charlotte - runs away. She lands on her feet as a singer and actress in London during the wild Seventies. Even when she becomes pregnant and her husband leaves her, she refuses to tell her parents the truth.

The only kindred spirit Paula has is her aged grandmother Lisette. Against all disapproval and reproof, Paula raises her daughter Maya on her own. However, she fails to notice that the girl is increasingly growing apart from her… until the day Maya announces that she is moving to Germany immediately to live with her grandmother Charlotte, to the town that Paula left years before in protest.

  • A novel about the special bond that holds grandmothers, mothers and daughters together despite all differences
  • For readers of Elena Ferrante
Volume: 2


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
464 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26270-5
23. Oktober 2020