The setting is the Cannes Film Festival; young bodyguard Nicholas Guerlain is supposed to be looking after a French minister but accidentally knocks him to the red carpet when his attention is distracted by a familiar figure in the cheering crowd – is that not Julie, his long-lost love who vanished two years ago?
Nicholas is transferred home to the Normandy spa town of Deauville for disciplinary reasons. His new colleagues don’t exactly welcome him with open arms and things go from bad to worse when he sets out to investigate a crime that goes back decades...

• A sophisticated plot; a charismatic protagonist: suspense par excellence!

Winner of the Friedrich-Glauser-Award 2016 for best debut crime novel

Press acclaim for Jetsam:

• Sharp dialogue and many comic elements give this novel its distinctive flair. And yet the TV-journalist’s debut is anything but a light-hearted and fluffy French novel. High voltage suspense is the predominant element, and the showdown is enough to take your breath away. It seems just a matter of time before someone turns Benjamin Cors’ first-rate material, conceived as a series, into a film.
- krimi-forum.net
• The German crime-fiction genre has been enriched by the arrival of a major new talent.
- Susann Butcher, www.literaturmarkt.info

Volume: 1


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
432 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26059-6
1. Juni 2015