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The secret of harnessing your inner resources

Two businessmen are bankrupted: how come one of them continues to bubble with new ideas while the other just throws in the towel? Why does a misplaced remark gnaw away at someone for days when others can simply shrug it off?

Stress, burnout and depression are the afflictions of our time. Many of us seem unable to handle the ever-increasing speed and complexity of life. What we need more than ever is a coping strategy – an inner strength we can rely on in times of crisis. Resilience: that’s what psychologists call the mysterious force that keeps us from falling apart and brings us back from the brink in the wake of adversity. Christina Berndt explains what it is that makes us strong and reveals the secrets of harnessing the power of resilience, offering strategies to help steer our way through the jungle of everyday life.

  • includes tests, awareness exercises and a short section on relaxation that tells you how to just let go and put your feet up!

Press acclaims:

„The Book contains self-tests, charts and lists, concentrating the most important results in a concise way. The facts are well-founded, the language is precise and understandable. Apart from that, the author has collected an exceptionally detailed bibliography and glossary; an invitation for further work with the book.”

„…a fascinating, comprehensible textbook which encourages to start thinking about your own mental hygiene.”
Tina Groll, Der Tagesspiegel

„In her easily readable book, Christina Berndt offers insight into a large area of research as well as creating a link to everyday life. She demonstrates soul-soothing ways of how to maneuver through life’s big and little crises and deal with stress.”
Cornelia Kazis, SRF 2 Kultur

„…Drawing on cutting edge-research and many case studies, science journalist CB explains why some of us seem to come equipped with a tougher carapace that sees them through times of crisis.”


dtv Sachbuch
280 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24976-8
13. Auflage, Januar 2015
Rights sold: Italy, Spain (cast.), Denmark, Poland, Taiwan, Brazil, Czech Republic, Norway, Serbia, Russia
Rights available again: PR China, Romania, Korea