Twelve Waters - Into the Abyss

The joint group of Welsen and Undae have split up and time is running short. While the three groups strive to reach the springs in different regions of the continent, the world is falling apart under their feet. Yawning chasms gape, landslides and earthquakes shake the cities to their very foundations. In the meantime, the Kwothians destroy themselves in a brutal fratricidal battle. But the worst is still to come. In the far south, the clouds of war are gathering: in Agen, the capital of Seguria, the demonic Asing is preparing for her return. Decades ago she was stripped of her human form, and now she wants it back. Regaining her former shape in order to destroy mankind would make her revenge complete – for who could cause people more pain and suffering than a fellow human?

Into the Abyss is the second volume of the Twelve Waters trilogy, an epic fantasy which will hold the reader spellbound from first page to last.

  • An absolute must for fans of high fantasy

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Volume: 2


dtv Allgemeine Belletristik
560 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24966-9
1. Oktober 2013