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The Office Bible

Everything you need to know to do a better job

One day. Loads of problems. All the answers!

Offices are more than just common human habitats – they are also conflict zones that exert a massive influence on people’s behaviour, psyche and well-being. They are akin to small local communities, with their own (largely unwritten) rules and rituals. This book will show you how to manage a choleric boss and self-centered colleagues. It explains how to circumnavigate the classic pitfalls of office life, as well as giving you tips on coping with the daily routine.

How can you be better organised? What does your workspace say about you? What are the various different types of colleague, and how can you best adapt to them? How do you handle criticism and verbal attacks? Why is the much-lauded “capacity for teamwork” really such a non-starter and what makes gossip so perilous? And where can you find fresh motivation when it’s all getting on top of you?

This book will do far more than just help you to be more successful at your job – it’s also guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Everything you need to know about life and survival at the office – with tips for the best possible start to the day, all the way to the late evening with recommendations on how to put work behind you and get a decent night’s sleep.

By the author of the bestselling "Career Bible".


dtv Ratgeber
368 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24762-7
2. Auflage 2010
Rights sold: Korea